Jets fans want to see new man at quarterback

The New York Jets are struggling this season, and fans are demanding changes. Particularly, a new leader at quarterback.

Veteran starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the hot seat. According to a Twitter poll that was open from 9PM on Nov 21 to 9PM on Nov 22, 68 percent of 53 voters said the quarterback position was the number one area the New York Jets needed to work on.

Alex Al-Kazzaz, site expert, sports writer, and major NFL fan said Fitzpatrick is too old to keep this position. “They have no good quarterbacks right now,” Al-Kazzaz said. “Geno (Smith) was never good, Fitz is washed up, and (Bryce) Petty just isn’t good.”

Christian Hackenberg, former second-round pick, and fourth string quarterback is another option, but Al-Kazzaz said he doesn’t really know if he could get the job done. Adam Sutton, another NFL fan, also said Fitzpatrick was too old. “A QB is needed. Ryan is getting old and unreliable,” Sutton said.

Both, Al-Kazzaz and Sutton said Hackenberg could be an option. But Al-Kazzaz said the team should also draft a quarterback, and have him compete with Hackenberg.

“They should draft a QB and have them BOTH compete. BOTH play in the preseason,” Al-Kazzaz said.

Another option was the offensive line. 19 percent of poll voters said they needed help there, and even though Sutton said the quarterback was the biggest problem, he also said the O-line needed work. Todd Gerstenhaber, a sports writer here for The Jet Press, and a Jets fan said they have the build up to O-line if they want the quarterback to succeed.

“If the Jets want to develop a QB, they need to make sure he has time to go through progressions, time his throws, etc. O-line is step one,” Gerstenhaber said.

The third highest option, with 9 percent of voter responses, was Other. People like sports fan, Brendan Guerzon, said he voted Other because the teams’ defensive secondary should be the main focus.

“We (Jets) have shown that even with a sub-par quarterback, we can put points on the board thanks to a supporting cast,” Guerzon said, “We need to keep points off the board.”

If the Jets keep up the losing season, they will likely have a top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. According to fans, a quarterback should be their first pick.

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