Jets drop the ball in potential blockbuster trade

The New York Jets had an opportunity to pull off a blockbuster trade before the NFL deadline. All sights were on defensive end Sheldon Richardson being on the move. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball in the grand scheme of things.

The NFL trade deadline is officially over as all teams had until 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 to pull off any trades. There were many rumors circulating across the football world involving players that could have potentially been on the move. For the New York Jets, anything could have happened as rumors started that perhaps wide receiver Brandon Marshall and defensive end Sheldon Richardson could have been traded.

It wouldn’t have made sense to trade Marshall since he’s such a critical part of the Jets’ offense. Richardson, on the other hand, actually made the most sense to trade. The Dallas Cowboys were interested but talks fell through due to money and what exactly it would take for it to become fruition.

General manager Mike Maccagnan has been amazing so far with the Jets. The exact parameters of such a blockbuster trade may never truly be known. Problem is, the Jets dropped the ball here in a situation that will only get out of hand in the future. Out of all positional groups on the team, the Jets’ defensive line is easily the most stacked with talent.

Richardson is expendable considering how the Jets locked up Muhammad Wilkerson for the long term, drafted Leonard Williams, and acquired Steve McLendon. The Jets also have quality depth behind them and haven’t figured out how to effectively get everyone on the field at the same time.

It’s to the point where the Jets had to use Richardson as a linebacker to help with pass rushing. It’s a shame really since he’s better suited as a defensive end but again, it’s hard to see how the Jets can keep everyone together for the long haul.

The Jets, while actively shopping Richardson before the trade deadline, failed to get a deal done that could have tremendously benefitted the team in the future. There is no question Richardson could have given the Jets a premier player and/or draft picks.

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