Jets continue to accept mediocrity with Darrelle Revis

The New York Jets continue to accept mediocrity on many aspects of the team but when it comes to cornerback Darrelle Revis, it’s beyond comprehension.

In real life, if you’re paid to do a job and you achieve poor results, either you shape up or ship out. It’s the many consequences of life that when you don’t deliver consistency in your profession, it’s only a matter of time before you’re phased out. Unfortunately for the New York Jets, this concept doesn’t apply to them as they tend to be delusional in the grand scheme of things.

All season receiving targets have had a delight going up against cornerback Darrelle Revis. A once feared defensive back, “Revis Island” is so bad that it’s happy hour at every encounter. Yet for whatever reason, the Jets hang him out to dry in their defensive secondary and continues to embarrass himself weekly.

Now, it’s one thing to get completely burned by a young, speedy, and athletic wide receiver. It’s another to simply stand there and not even attempt to play defense. It’s pretty sad that on numerous occasions during the regular season, Revis looked like he’s not even trying to get his uniform dirty.

It’s a shame really considering not only how much of legacy he created for himself in his career but the kind of sad example he is setting across the locker room. Younger players undoubtedly must see that Revis has not only lost a step but is not dedicated to giving it his all on every opportunity given.

Football is a competitive sport and while Revis is indeed old, it’s no excuse for not even doing the basics of football. On some instances on defense, he doesn’t even try to do the minimum but it’s not just his problem but truly the lack of accountability by the Jets. They accept the fact that he’s been mediocre all season long but don’t call him out on it or even reprimand him.

It’s easy to see why the Jets continue to fail because they allow players, in this case, one of their highest-paid, to continue playing without heart or passion. The Jets dropped the ball here on how they’ve handled Revis this season by continuing to start him.

If the Jets were like any other NFL team that held hard work, integrity, and character to the degree it’s supposed to be, Revis would have been benched weeks ago. But unfortunately, Revis is getting paid millions of dollars this season regardless whether he gives 10 percent or 100 percent when on the gridiron. And the sad part? The Jets seems to be just fine with it.

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