Shockey in Twitter war with Toomer

A report that claimed free agent Jeremy Shockey was pushing for an unlikely return to the New York Giants sparked a war of words Thursday between him and former teammate Amani Toomer.

Toomer reacted in horror at the proposed move on Twitter, before lambasting Shockey, who he believed had talked his way out of ever suiting up again for Big Blue.

"No!!Shockey," Toomer said when pointed toward the New York Daily News report. "’I will never play4 you again!’he yelled at [Giants GM] jerry Reese in 08. Let him keep his word. Bad teammate, worse person."

Shockey hit back, "Amani Toomer on Jeremy Shockey: Bad teammate, Haha. Well he was the lazy one that broke my leg!!" before getting personal with jibes about Toomer’s conduct toward his ex-wife.

Toomer replied, "Shockey,Thanks 4 proving my statement about being a bad person. Lieing about my EX.Low blow.Enough said.Have a nice day& good luck as a FA."

Shockey, though, suggested Toomer was in no position to judge his character on and off the field.

"Go get a bucket of rocks and start throwing them at your glass house," he tweeted.

Shockey, whose six years with the Giants ended after the Super Bowl victory over the Patriots at the end of the 2007 season, distanced himself from claims he wanted to return, which suggested the spat with Toomer appeared to arise from a non-story.

"It’s funny how the Ny media still try’s to make money off me!" he tweeted. "Can anyone find a quote from me on me wanting to play for the GAINTS? [sic]."

Shockey appeared to cool off after the angry exchange, adding on Twitter, "Nothing but love in my mind.. I’m at peace can’t let the negative people bring me down!"