Jeff Fisher Shows Up in Epic Photo at LAX with Small Dog and Crocs

Jeff Fisher was spotted at LAX on Saturday with a furry friend while wearing an awesome pair of shoes.

There are great pictures, and then there are epic pictures, and former Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher had an epic picture taken of him on Saturday.

Fisher was spotted at LAX pre-flight with a furry little friend, sporting a full beard and a pair of killer crocs that screamed “I’m just chillin’ dude.”

We have to thank the @PFTCommenter, who is just an excellent follow on Twitter:

And now, for his awesome footwear:

When asked if his dog had been spayed or neutered, Fisher simply replied, “we’ll fix that.”

Yes, we’re writing an article on this because the photo is just so great and shows the softer side of one of the most hated head coaches in Rams history. After all, how can you not help but enjoy a picture of a guy holding a small dog like his first-born child?

Anyone who dislikes Fisher – which is 99.9 percent of the fanbase – won’t be able to help but chuckle at this.

Fisher was fired by the Rams during the season after an absolutely abysmal showing in 2016. He spent four-plus seasons with the Rams and never accomplished a winning record in that span.

In fact, Fisher produced far more excuses than he did wins.

The only thing we’re sad to see go with Fisher was the constant ridicule he brought on himself. It led to a strong bond between frustrated Rams fans and it isn’t as fun to bash the players as much as it was to bash Fisher.

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