Jeff Fisher not worried about offensive line

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will not give away what direction they are leaning on draft day. 

Jeff Roberson/AP

Offensive line is the biggest need for the St. Louis Rams as they return only two starters from last year. Greg Robinson and Roger Saffold will both start, but after that it is anyones guess.

Head coach Jeff Fisher, however, does not seem to concerned with the offensive line when speaking to ESPN.

"I feel good about it," Fisher said. "I feel good about the direction we’re headed, and I’ll feel much better when the weekend is over. I feel good about it. We have options, and there are still options out there. We’re in constant communication with Joe Barksdale, for example. We have options out there. I think one of the perceived needs out there, outside our building from our perspective is O-line, and we feel good about where we are right now. We’ve got some good young players on our roster that you’ve not seen play or haven’t played very much but we’re developing players currently on our roster. We feel good about it."

The St. Louis Rams have brought in almost every offensive line prospect this offseason. GM Les Snead believes they will be able to piece together their O-line through the draft. 

"You can rate the quality, but we felt depending on whether it’s an ‘A guy, B guy,’ whatever it is, we thought there was a lot of linemen that could help any football team," Snead said. "I think that was a little bit of a guidepost as we went into the offseason."

No matter what direction the Rams decide to go in, Snead believes he will be getting someone to help improve their roster.

"When you’re picking 10, there’s going to be more than one good football player that you’re staring at, just that’s the nature of picking 10 versus somewhere a little bit later," Snead said. "There’s flexibility and you fine tune it and like we said, best player available — that’s probably subjective based on what draftnik you ask and not counting the teams out there. Normally, at 10 there’s going to be more than one good football player and I think at that point we’ll try to make the best pick that helps this team."

Just don’t ask Jeff Fisher what he plans to to on draft day.

"We could move up, stay where we are or move down," Fisher said. "We have options."

(h/t ESPN)