Jeff Fisher Imposed Eric Dickerson Ban; ED Won’t Return to Games

Los Angeles Rams great Eric Dickerson has laid the blame for his recent ban on none other than head coach Jeff Fisher.

Not only does Los Angeles Rams legend Eric Dickerson lay the blame on head coach Jeff Fisher for his ban from the team’s sidelines, he also says he won’t attend games until Fisher is gone.

ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez has the latest:

On Monday Dickerson admitted that he had been told to stay away from the Rams sideline in the future because he made the players feel uncomfortable. Dickerson didn’t say who ordered the ban, but TMZ had reported “someone powerful” put it in place.

Now it’s clear it was Fisher who did the deed, according to Dickerson himself. It’s just the latest idiotic move Fisher has made in a long line of them, and one that goes against a guy who has somewhat defended Fisher in the past.

As if Fisher wasn’t hated enough already, now he finds himself in a battle with someone who has actually accomplished something for the Rams in his life. It’s a battle Fisher couldn’t win even on his best day, let alone in the midst of another losing season.

If this isn’t the last straw for Fisher’s time in the Los Angeles, I don’t know what is. He can’t possibly survive having been this bad and alienate a franchise legend. There is nothing positive to say about Fisher’s tenure and it’s why he must go.

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