Jeff Fisher Comments on Los Angeles Rams’ Eric Dickerson Ban

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher gave his thoughts on the reported ban imposed by the team on legend Eric Dickerson.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher claims Eric Dickerson is welcome on the team’s sidelines at anytime, despite the legend himself saying the team doesn’t want him there.

The news broke Monday afternoon when Dickerson claimed the Rams had banned him from the sideline because he made the players uncomfortable with his blunt opinions.

Well, Fisher is here to tell you that Dickerson isn’t banned and he can join the Rams whenever he’d like:

Fisher even added he’d like to have Dickerson in team meetings:

Dickerson would be great to have in meetings, however he’s probably too much for this bunch to handle considering the circumstances.

Kevin Demoff’s Reaction

Rams COO Kevin Demoff also denied the ban on Dickerson in an earlier statement:

Again, there’s no reason for Dickerson to lie about this. He’s always very honest in his assessment of the Rams and there’s no reason to believe his straight-shooter style has been compromised here.

The Rams made a mistake, now it’s time for the team to own up to it.

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