Cutler-Cavallari registry: $14,500

Jay Cutler is accustomed to receiving heavy criticism as the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, but this summer he’ll also be receiving some presents as his and Kristin Cavallari’s wedding registry was just discovered.

After the heartwarming proposal that was sent through a text message and a ring that came courtesy of the US Postal Service, Cutler and the former reality star are forging ahead with their wedding planning and they’re ready to get some gifts instead of grief.

The two are registered at Crate & Barrel as well as Williams-Sonoma, and apparently the two share the same affinity for sweets. Among the items on the two registries that total $14,500 are 48 dessert plates, four different cake platters, a cupcake corer and pastry bags.

Cavallari already snagged a Cutler, but cutlery is also on the list, along with a double-patty burger press, fish tweezers, 32 cereal bowls and 24 soup bowls. The family of three (Cavallari gave birth to their son in August) either hates doing the dishes as much as Cutler hates smiling, or they’re ready to host the entire Bears team at their house.

According to their registries, the two will tie the knot on July 13.