Jay Cutler has trouble with Cover Two with wife out of town

Kristin Cavallari says leaving Jay Cutler alone with the kids had the QB scrambling.

Jeff Schear/WireImage

Being left alone with the kids can be a daunting task for any dad and Jay Cutler is no different.

The Chicago Bears QB was left alone with sons Jaxon, 2, and Camden, eight months, while his actress wife Kristin Cavallari was out of town for a couple days and it appears they gave him all he could handle.

Cavallari posted an Instagram of their text messages after she announced her return.

The most telling thing here might be that the couple didn’t have one or more nannies helping keep things under control. You’d think a guy who makes as much as he does might have one on speed dial for days like this.

Hey, it’s not like he’s the first guy to go through this. Check out the original Mr. Mom himself below. 

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