Jason Witten, Dak Prescott Connect for Game-Winning Touchdown (Video)

Dak Prescott and Jason Witten found a little overtime magic to connect for the game-winner against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Dallas Cowboys trailed by double-digits on Sunday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles to start the fourth-quarter. Despite playing one of the worst games of his young career to that point, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott decided to step up. He kept making plays, including a dime he dropped to Dez Bryant to tie things up late. However, his master-class effort came in overtime with the help of trusty veteran Jason Witten.

After executing an absolutely fantastic drive that featured Prescott keeping the rock on fourth-and-1 and converting, the Cowboys were in close. The rookie dropped back to pass and it looked like he might be in trouble against the pass-rush.

Instead, the rookie showed tremendous poise as he spun out of the pressure and into a bit of open space. As he squared up once again, Jason Witten had broken free of any coverage and was in nothing but daylight in the end zone. Prescott hit him with the easy throw to close the curtains on this NFC East rivalry game and move Dallas to 6-1:

Jason Witten is the death and taxes of the Cowboys offense, as the Eagles can attest to from years of experience.

As for the rookie in Dak Prescott, you can’t say enough good things about the young man. To have that kind of poise in that moment in such a critical divisional game is massive. And he seemingly does things like that regularly in his first NFL season. Remarkable.

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