Jalen Ramsey a top-15 cornerback already, per Pro Football Focus

Jalen Ramsey has been making headlines for his brash approach to the game, but he’s been backing it up on the field as well.

From daring Aaron Rodgers to throw at him to declaring his disrespect for wide receiver Steve Smith, Jalen Ramsey is making headlines with his boldness. It’s the kind of bravado the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t had in their secondary for a decade or more.

And it may be just the kind of bravado the team needs.

The brash talk has been backed up by solid play for Ramsey to this point. Pro Football Focus included him at sixth overall in their tracking of the top-10 rookies through three weeks, citing his 2.5 yards per attempt toward him as a reason he stands out.

PFF further backs up the claim that Ramsey is doing his job by highlighting his ranking in their system. Ramsey comes in 12th among all CBs in the NFL with a rating of 81.8. That rating is significantly influenced by his play in pass coverage which, if measured solely on that, would jump him up to PFF’s ninth ranked corner.

That’s pretty good for a rookie that fell to fifth overall.

The strong play from Ramsey has only been tested through three games so the sample size is relatively low, but if he can keep it up and remain in the conversation with players like Joe Haden and Marcus Peters, then the Jaguars will have come away with a truly special player in 2016.

The Jags defense needs plenty of special players to rebound from an awful 2015 and a Week 2 blowout that reminded everyone just how close they still are to being poor on defense. Hopefully Jalen Ramsey can lead the charge while the team waits for rookie linebacker Myles Jack to get ready to take the field.

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