Jaguars Need To Adjust Offense To Blake Bortles’ Strength

If the Jaguars want any hope of salvaging the season, they need to cater to Blake Bortles’ strengths.

It is no secret that Blake Bortles and the Jaguars offense has struggled to this point of the season. After a 35 touchdown performance in 2015, Bortles’ mechanics have severely regressed, and his mentality and confidence are not where they need to be.

Now with the firing of offensive coordinator Greg Olson, and the promotion of quarterbacks coach Nathaniel Hackett to the position, it is imperative for the Jaguars to do everything they can to put Bortles in the best situation to succeed and jump start the offense.

To do that, the team should implement an up-tempo offense. Bortles has shown throughout his short career that he is at his best when the team has gone to the up-tempo in late half situations.

It was the key in the comeback win over Chicago in week six, in which Bortles led the team to 17 points in the fourth quarter. It is also the reason Bortles had over 300 passing yards and three touchdowns in the loss to Tennessee last Thursday night.

The coaching staff should not wait until it is an end of half scenario, or until they have fallen behind in the game to implement it, and need to go to it early on. Allowing Bortles to operate a offensive system that he has shown to be extremely comfortable in could be the key to revamping the offense.

Besides the fact that Bortles is comfortable and efficient in the up-tempo, operating it is not unfamiliar territory for newly appointed offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as well. Hackett ran the system during his stint as the OC with the Bills, so it would be nothing new to him should the Jaguars choose to go to it.

With Greg Olson out, and Blake Bortles and the offense struggling, let’s see if the staff is ready to make a much-needed adjustment.

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