Jadeveon Clowney says he’ll make Texans ‘miserable’ if they pass on him

Jadeveon Clowney has heard the critics question his work ethic and consistent motor. The South Carolina defensive end aimed to quiet those same people at his pro day on Wednesday.

While Clowney reportedly worked out with a “slight groin pull,” he put on a show for all the teams that were in attendance. He even noted that if the Texans, who own the No. 1 overall pick, pass on him, he’ll make the franchise pay for years to come. 

"I have to make them miserable," Clowney told reporters with a smile.

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, who was in attendance, said that the decision at No. 1 remains “wide open,” but he does have a plan in place if the team opts to select the 6-foot-6, 266-pound monster.

"If we decide to draft this guy, we’re not just going to play him at one position," O’Brien told the Texans’ official website. "We may start him off at one position, but use him in a lot of different ways. He’s a unique talent, but again, that’s if we draft him."

With a glaring hole at the quarterback position, the Texans will continue to keep other teams wondering if they’ll spend the first pick on a quarterback.

For now, Clowney will continue to meet privately with teams, as he has visits scheduled with the Rams and Falcons.