Jacksonville Jaguars Will Defeat The Oakland Raiders – EverBank On It!

The Jacksonville Jaguars will make a statement on Sunday by defeating the Oakland Raiders.  The “Autumn Wind” will get blown out.

Certain NFL teams carry a swagger because of their long illustrious history.  Whether it was  Head Coach John Madden yelling at an official on the sideline or quarterback Ken Stabler leading the Oakland Raiders to victory, The Raiders were a mean and fierce team to play.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will play a different type of Raider team.  The down and dirty Raider defense is just a faded memory.  Currently the Oakland defense ranks last in the NFL in total defense.

Jacksonville will play the thirtieth ranked defense against the rush.  Most of all, Jaguar quarterback Blake Bortles will light up the thirty second ranked pass defense in the league.  The Jaguar offense will have a huge day.

The Jacksonville defense must contain the long pass.  Raider receivers Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper are threats deep down the field.  Jalen Ramsey will face another challenge.

Four Keys To The Jacksonville Victory

First, Bortles must release the ball quickly.  He brings trouble when he tries to extend the play.  In Chicago, the winning play was a quickly released pass.

Jacksonville must get the tight ends involved early into the offense.  Whether it is Julius Thomas or Marcedes Lewis, the Raider pass defense is very porous – exploit it!

The Jaguar secondary must stop the Oakland receivers.  Ramsey should blanket Cooper all afternoon but Crabtree must be corralled as well.  The Jaguars three corners will get the job done.

Fourth, Jacksonville must pressure Raider quarterback Derek Carr.  Dante Fowler needs to have a big day.  The Jaguars front seven have got to make Oakland one dimensional offensively.

Finally, Jacksonville is in control of their playoff destiny.  With two good wins under their belt, they are ready to make a definitive statement at Everbank Stadium.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing together with a common goal – the playoffs.

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