Jacksonville Jaguars Week 8 Power Rankings: Imploding in front of a nation

After their second consecutive embarrassing performance, the Jacksonville Jaguars have descended into unintentional comedy again.

If you were like me, you probably thought it couldn’t get much worse after the Jacksonville Jaguars had it handed to them at home against the Oakland Raiders two weeks ago. It was a humbling game, one that show the Jaguars were far behind their rebuilding counterpart in almost every regard.

Well I was wrong. The Jaguars hadn’t hit rock bottom quite yet. That happened last Thursday when the team went into Nashville and looked like the worst team in the NFL in a blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans. The pathetic showing prompted the NFL Network crew to say the team had quit at halftime and that Blake Bortles was no longer a viable quarterback.

Besides that, the season is going great!

Here’s a brief collection of some rankings around the web as the Jaguars look to bounce back this we-… HA! The Jaguars are going to get trounced this week in Kansas City:

FOX Sports – Cameron DaSilva

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco



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NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Please insert your Jags thought here:


Here’s mine: Garbage-time points are called garbage for a reason.


30. Jacksonville Jaguars

2016 record: 2-5
Week 8 ranking: 29 | Week 1 ranking: 19

Entering the season, it seemed like things were on the up and up in Jacksonville. Guess not. The Jags have two wins, but by a combined score of four points. They’ve been outscored by 61 in their five losses.

My take:

Wow! These guys must be drunk or something. There are two teams worse than the Jaguars?

Kidding aside, I would absolutely expect the Jaguars to lose to the Browns and 49ers if they played this weekend, so I would have no problems ranking them down at 32. It’s completely warranted when you willingly employ the worst coach in the history of the NFL for this long.

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