Jacksonville Jaguars rookie Jalen Ramsey was better than advertised

The Jacksonville Jaguars knew they were getting a stud in Jalen Ramsey, but I don’t’ think anyone saw this type of season coming…

The Jacksonville Jaguars were lauded for an excellent 2016 NFL Draft class, led by stud defensive back Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey was pegged by many as the best defensive player in this entire draft, up there with the likes of San Diego Chargers rookie Joey Bosa.

That hype was more than lived up to as Ramsey closed out the 2016 season looking like one of the best defensive backs in the league as a 22-year old rookie.

That’s no exaggeration, either…

Ramsey’s excellent rookie season came at a time when the former FSU star said he felt ‘caged’ at times by the coaching staff in Jacksonville that has collectively been let go. Here’s what he said to the media:

Those are strong words from a young player, but certainly, the next coach that is brought in will do a better job of keeping Ramsey in a spot where he feels like he is free to make the kind of plays he knows he is capable of making.

Plays like these…

Ramsey showed that not only is he excellent in coverage, but he is physical. He is already proving capable of shutting down his side of the field but he can play corner, nickel, safety — wherever. The Jaguars don’t just have a shutdown player defensively, they have a true weapon that can change the game from anywhere on the field.

How about these numbers from the month of December, which are astounding for a player still finding his way in this league:

This kid is for real, and is one that has to be considered among the top 3-5 in his position in the NFL moving forward.

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