Jaguars on pace to make draft history of the wrong kind

The Jaguars are on currently on pace to secure the top pick in next year's draft.

Logan Bowles/Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jacksonville Jaguars off to a disappointing 1-5 start, the team is on pace to set a number of draft records it could probably just as well do without.

According to ESPN’s Mike DiRocco, if the NFL draft were held this week, the Jaguars would currently hold the top pick. The Jaguars are one of four teams with 1-5, along with Baltimore, Detroit and Kansas City, but would pick first based on having the easiest schedule.

While there is more than half the season to go and much can change, if things don’t turn around dramatically, Jacksonville could well set a series of modern NFL draft records, regardless of whether they secure the top pick or not.

A selection in the top three would mark the third year in row the Jaguars have picked that high, tying the 1984-87 Houston Oilers. 

A pick in in the top five would mean the fifth consecutive year Jacksonville has picked in that group, setting a new record.

Finally, the Jaguars have a shot at ninth-straight top-10 pick, which would extend the record-setting streak the team already owns.

Jacksonville will look to improve it’s chances at avoiding a high pick with a win on Sunday against the Bills in London.

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