Report: Jaguars fine MJD for holdout

Maurice Jones-Drew racked up nearly $1.6M in fines because of his 38-day holdout, but he had to pay a little less than half of that amount, according to a CBS Sports report.

Jones-Drew, who is scheduled to earn $4.45M this year, will pay nearly $800,000 in a deal worked out between the team and agent Adisa Bakari to end the holdout, the report says.

The league’s leading rusher agreed to the deal before reporting to camp on Sept. 2. Jones-Drew signed a five-year, $31-million deal in 2009. He wanted to renegotiate the final years on his deal, but new owner Shahid Khan and Jaguars management never wavered.

Under the new CBA, players are fined $30,000 a day for missing camp. Players must also forfeit 25 percent of the prorated potion of their signing bonus.

Jones-Drew is active for the Jaguars’ season debut against the Minnesota Vikings.