Jacksonville Jaguars Look to Increase Turnover Ratio in 2017

Looking toward the 2017 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars aim to finally create a positive turnover margin.

Turnover ratio has been a sore spot for the Jacksonville Jaguars in recent years. Including this past season when the team finished at -16. In large part due to inconsistent quarterback play as well as costly fumbles.

However, the offense wasn’t the only problem. This past season the defense only secured seven interceptions and forced four fumbles.

So how can the Jags turn it around in 2017?

The main way to begin winning the turnover ratio starts with quarterback Blake Bortles. Costly interceptions and fumbles hampered the offense this last year. He will need to show growth this offseason in order to cut back his turnover ratio. Eliminating these mistakes will result in better opportunities to compete and win games going forward.

Another important piece to the puzzle is the play of the Jags secondary. Particularly cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Colvin. Both look to play more aggressive this coming season. Headed into the offseason Ramsey looks to take over on the back end of the defense. In his second year expect him to blanket opposing receivers and build off of his two interceptions (one of those was a pick-six) late in 2016. Creating more turnovers starts in the secondary. With these two defensive stars on the field, opposing quarterbacks will have to think twice before they let the ball go.

Finally, Keep an eye on the draft moving forward. Early mock drafts have the Jags possibly taking Alabama defensive end Jonathan Allen. He was a force for the Crimson Tide this past season. Recovering three fumbles, returned two for touchdowns and also had a blocked kick. Allen has the disruptive ability to create turnovers as well as block kicks. His presence upfront can help the Jags immediately headed into 2017.

There will be plenty of work for the Jags this off season. One main focus should be getting the turnover ratio under control.  With improved quarterback play, creating more turnovers in the secondary, and an influx of defensive talent with the draft, expect the Jags to find the recipe for success and get a positive turnover margin in 2017.

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