Jacksonville Jaguars: Is there a post-London rebound in the works?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are just 13-19 under head coach Gus Bradley, but he has a pattern of more success after games in London, which could suggest a 2016 rebound for the Jags.

Courtesy of Peter Schrager’s Cheat Sheet over at Fox Sports, an identifiable pattern has emerged.

Lost in the annual lament of Jacksonville Jaguars fans under head coach Gus Bradley is a small amount of success. The embattled head coach is just 3-25 before the Jags take their annual trip to London but he is 9-14 in games after London.

While it would be nice to give Bradley the benefit of the doubt and assume he just needs a little time to get things settled each year, his record speaks for himself. Even this shred of optimism isn’t going to do much to assuage fears that the 2016 Jags are going to struggle again.

But that 9-14 (.39) is certainly a lot better than winning just a quarter of his games overall (13-39). It’s nice to think that the Jags could come back from London, rest for a bye week, and finally get things sorted.

2016 is the year the Jags were supposed to break out. After a 1-3 start to the season there are plenty of people second guessing the early assumptions that these Jacksonville Jaguars will be different from those in years past.

the long climb to .500 will require Bradley and company to do much more than win just 39 percent of the upcoming games. They’ll need to win at least seven of the next 12, which is a tall task based on the track record.

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