Jacksonville Jaguars Find Themselves At A Mid-Season Crossroad

After yet another crushing defeat Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are currently in a fragile state.

Things were set up nicely for the Jaguars to get a much needed win Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were without their starting quarterback, top two running backs, as well as their top receiver.

But despite out-gaining Kansas City by 218 yards and holding them to 1/14 on third down, the Jaguars could not get out of their own way, once again, in a 19-14 defeat.

Now at the halfway point of another underwhelming and unacceptable season, the team finds itself at a crucial crossroad.

Fans were promised this year would be different. Owner Shad Khan said in the offseason that a winning season is, “…everyone’s reasonable expectation at this point”. But it hasn’t happened.

Now at 2-6, Jacksonville is finding new ways to come up short. From questionable play-calling to poor execution on the field, fans are restless and players are frustrated.

Gus Bradley is now an abysmal 14-42 as head coach of the team, and his seat is only getting hotter. The team has already let go of Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson following a week eight loss to the Titans. Bradley is going to need some version of a miracle if he hopes to avoid the same fate in 2016.

Blake Bortles has struggled mightily with both his mechanics and decision making in his third season. The team has said they have no plans of benching him at this point, but it is becoming more clear each week that he may not be the answer that they hoped he would be.

The team has played well in small doses this season, but they can’t seem to put together a consistently productive effort. Mistakes and miscues have become a regularity for Jacksonville, especially in key moments.

And so, with the last half of the season still ahead, the Jaguars are staring at two paths and must make a choice.

The schedule the rest of the way is not easy. They can pack it in and falter down the stretch, which has become the expected norm for this team.

Or they can choose to piece themselves together and fight to the finish line. Fight for the fans, fight for their coach, and fight for each other.

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