Jacksonville Jaguars as Super Bowl winners? Telvin Smith believes

The 2-9 Jacksonville Jaguars are many steps away from dominant or even contending, but stud linebacker Telvin Smith believes they can be Super Bowl champs.

Telvin Smith is having a Pro Bowl season. Being on a 2-9 team will likely hurt his chances of getting there, but he’s fifth overall in total tackles this season (72) and he has shown no signs of slowing down. This is just standard for the stud linebacker.

In his three seasons with the Jaguars, Smith has seen the team grow from struggling youngsters to a more diverse, cohesive unit that can come close in games. They still aren’t winning, but they’re inching closer and closer.

Smith sees a team on the rise and a team that can contend. He broke it down, per Joe Yerdon on Twitter.

I personally let that sink in for a few days. While it’s worth wondering where the Jaguars go from here, down 2-9 with the goal of .500 out of reach, there is still some resiliency on this team. There is still some passion. Smith, together with fellow linebacker Paul Posluszny and young stars like Jalen Ramsey, are the embodiment of that passion.

Players like Smith and Ramsey are the future. Players like Smith and Ramsey can, theoretically, get the Jags to the Super Bowl. The 2016 team has dug itself a hole too deep to climb out of this year, but the future looks bright.

Personally, it looks like the Jags have to make some serious changes – especially at head coach – if they want to contend for the title. They need to have some schematic shifts to match the talent on defense and offense.

With talent like Smith and a shared conviction to get things done, it’s possible the Jaguars could become contenders. Not in 2016, of course, but possibly in coming seasons. Smith’s attitude can be infectious and act as a catalyst for a team that is struggling to perform at his level. It’s certainly possible.

Telvin smith at least has us dreaming big!

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