Jacksonville Jaguars are Familiar with Bears Quarterback Brain Hoyer

This Weekend Gus Bradley and company will face the Chicago Bears backup quarterback this weekend. Most backup quarterbacks are viewed as serviceable for a few games and getting a win is seen as a victory. However the Bears backup has proven himself more than capable as Brian Hoyer takes over for Jay Cutler in Chicago.

The two times the Jags have lost to Hoyer was when he was a member of the Huston Texans. In those games he threw for 4 touchdowns over 400 yards and 0 interceptions.  He carved up the secondary as a Texan. In those games Hoyer was able to defeat the Jags largely due to bad pass coverage and untimely penalties – sound familiar?

In the 2014 season as a member of the Cleveland Browns the Jags held Hoyer to 217 yards passing one interception and a fumble, this was the team’s only win against him. During this game the Jags were able to apply pressure and make Hoyer feel uncomfortable in the pocket.  This can provide a game plan for this week’s game.

Throughout Bradley’s tenure he has played against Hoyer three times with two different teams. He has a familiarity with the quarterback and a blueprint to beat Hoyer. Applying that to this week’s game against the Chicago Bears will only help the Jags find their 2nd win of the season

The Bears (1-4) are 6th in the league for passing yards and Hoyer has yet to throw an interception this season. Nevertheless the defense will be tested this weekend and if Jalen Ramsey, Telvin Smith, Aaron Colvin, Dante Fowler Jr and others can get to the quarterback early it will be a good sign for the Jags. Getting Hoyer out of rhythm will allow the Jags to apply pressure and get after the quarterback.

In addition there are going to be opportunities to make plays against this Bears team. Overall the Jags will need to capitalize in order to stay in the AFC south division race. Going on a two game win streak will only keep the Jags competitive in the division race. (Currently two games out of first place)

This weekend the Jags need to take advantage of this match up in order to get back on track. Game-playing for a quarterback you are familiar with can make this road game a winnable one.

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