It all came down to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Jets’ loss

In the horrific loss by the New York Jets to the Kansas City Chiefs, it all came down to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sadly, he wasn’t able to come through in any way, shape, or form.

Sunday’s 24-3 loss was a devastating one for the New York Jets and you can credit turnovers for the loss and lots of them. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions for the Jets and some of those were very costly. If Fitzpatrick was able to avoid those turnovers, the Jets could’ve scored on at least two drives and it would have been a completely different football game.

The Jets had plenty of red zone opportunities that Fitzpatrick completely blew. With all of this said, the majority was Fitzpatrick’s fault but it wasn’t like he had support from the other side of the football.

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The defense had a shaky game also but it still is 85% Fitzpatrick’s fault. If and a big if the Jets scored the two red zone drives and Fitzpatrick threw an interception, would they have won? Assuming it all went right, it could have been a 17-17 game. The Jets would at least have had a chance to win in the late 4th quarter or even in OT.

The Jets have started 1-2 and many are already wondering if they should’ve brought Fitzpatrick back in the first place. Entering the offseason, fans didn’t see any clear starter to take his place so they really didn’t have much of a choice.

You have to remember Fitzpatrick was a backup for a good amount of his career and an iffy starter up until 2015.

The theory that Fitzpatrick seemed like a one and done guy could be correct.

When people make these type of theories they look back to games like these that could have easily been won but were blown by Fitzpatrick.

In today’s game, the Jets relied on him to come through for them.

It’s not truly  time to panic yet it’s still very early in the season but think of it like this. with the Patriots surging without

With the New England Patriots surging without quarterback Tom Brady, the Jets and Fitzpatrick have to get better for the rest of the 2016 season. Once Brady returns, he’ll be facing the Jets twice this year and well, Fitzpatrick needs to fix these issues now because he’ll be in for a rude awakening against the best team in the AFC East.

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