Is the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive line delivering in 2016?

The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line is far from perfect, but are they one of the top units in 2016?

Reddit user /u/NudePenguin69 went through Pro Football Focus’ offensive linemen rankings and created an overall ranking for the offensive line units in 2016. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a surprisingly strong showing, coming in as the sixth best O-Line unit in that analysis.

While I personally have issue with only using PFF’s rating system (their grading is a better analysis, but they like to use ratings of late), it is interesting to see the Jags jump up so high. After two seasons of Blake Bortles being the most sacked quarterback in the NFL, it’s surprising to see them look good in comparison to other teams.

The sample size is still small (just two games) and the methodology limits it to only players with the most snaps on the O-Line, it is certainly thought provoking.

Jaguars linemen have struggled to open holes to move the ball on the ground (30th in the NFL), though Chris Ivory‘s illness also has a lot to do with it. T.J. Yeldon has looked downright awful at times as a result.

Similarly, Bortles has hit the dirt numerous times with opposing teams racking up five sacks already (seventh most in the NFL). Some of those are the fault of the quarterback, however, with Bortles hanging onto the ball for too long as he is wont to do.

Brandon Linder is certainly deserving of praise, though. The new center (moved over from guard) has picked up where he left off after a great rookie season in 2014 and limited 2015 action. He is the third-highest graded center (83.2) to this point, putting together yet another strong season of work.

Hopefully the offensive line can improve even more and help the Jaguars offense get better. The Jags desperately need some high-level, consistent play if they want to win games.

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