Is Quincy Enunwa the next Brandon Marshall for the Jets?

Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa of the New York Jets has developed nicely so far in his career and could very well be the next Brandon Marshall for the franchise.

The New York Jets may have finally gotten their best wide receiver corp since Wayne Chrebet and Keyshawn Johnson were on the team back in 1999. The Jets have been looking to gain that explosive offense ever since the Jets went to back to back AFC championships under Rex Ryan.

The Jets may have finally gotten that offense with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm as his the three top receivers on the roster have been excellent. Wide receivers Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Quincy Enunwa have turned into quite the triple threat.

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One of the brightest spots of this offense is the young Enunwa who seems to be emulating fellow receiver, Marshall. Enunwa was the Jets’ 6th round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. During his first season he shined in his abilities to block on run plays and seemed to fit the build of a tight end but the abilities of a wide receiver.

Enunwa’s biggest problem in his first year was the amount of drops he had. He had 22 catches of the 46 that were thrown his way. The major thing that he did do was make up for his amount of drops by blocking effectively for run plays. Especially when a receiver would catch the ball and attempt to get more yards, Enunwa would be there blocking some defensive player.

This season however it seems like Enunwa is taking cues from Marshall.

In the Jets past two games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills, Enunwa has caught 13 of the 14 passes thrown at him.

Enunwa has totaled 146 yards, which is already a third of the yards he caught in 2015.

While watching Enunwa play these past two games he has shown the ability to use his body to push the defenders away from the football.

It’s so good and to the point that Fitzpatrick could throw quickly and accurately to an area where only Enunwa could get it.

In the beginning of last week’s game, the Bills’ defense began the night double covering Marshall and Decker but as it went on, the defense got a news flash. It seems the Jets have another Marshall on the team since Enunwa was tearing it up.

Enunwa was all over the field gaining first downs and making huge plays that had the Bills stunned.

It wasn’t until the second half when they adjusted to double team Enunwa did Marshall begin to resurface in the game.

Enunwa truly was a force on the field and had a massive presence throughout the game. It seems as though the Jets have finally found their main third receiver. Plus not to mention, a deadly weapon that can help open up defensive coverages against Marshall and Decker.

It’ll be interesting to see how this offense operates and see how well Fitzpatrick adapts to having even more weapons than last year. Especially with the rise of Bilal Powell and Enunwa giving him reliable targets other than Decker and Marshall.

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