Is Jeff Fisher on the hot seat if Rams don’t make playoffs?

Jeff Fisher is entering his fourth season as Rams head coach and has yet to win more than seven games. 

Jeff Roberson/AP

The St. Louis Rams have not finished better than third in the NFC West in any of head coach Jeff Fisher’s three years in charge. They have also yet to finish with more than seven wins in any of those three seasons. 

The Rams have been collecting high draft picks and have a lot of talent on their roster, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but can’t seem to quite put it all together for a full season. If Fisher can’t figure out a way to get the Rams at least over the .500 mark and potentially into the playoffs, his tenure in St. Louis could come to an abrupt halt. 

"I don’t see how Fisher could survive after another losing season with the Rams, no matter how you justify it," ESPN’s Terry Blount wrote, via HNGN. "And there are plenty of ways to justify his three-year tenure and 20-27-1 record, starting with the injuries to former quarterback Sam Bradford." 

Bradford never lived up to expectations for the Rams after being the first-overall selection in the 2010 draft. Bradford could just never figure out a way to stay healthy and on the field. 

"But now the Rams have pushed all of their chips to the middle of the table with the trade for quarterback Nick Foles," Blount continued. "They have what might be the best young defensive front in the NFL and a potential superstar running back Todd Gurley. It’s time for the Rams to step up. However, Fisher has two years left on a $35 million deal, so it would be costly to fire him after this season. And Fisher is a SoCal guy who went to USC. He fits right in for the likely move to Los Angeles in 2016."  

With the 49ers likely to struggle this season, it is a great opportunity for the Rams to move up in the division and start to make some noise in the tough NFC West.

(h/t HNGN)