Is DeSean Jackson about to be traded? Check his Instagram account

DeSean Jackson is taking trade rumors into his own hands. 

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Trade rumors surrounding Philadelphia‘s DeSean Jackson have reached a fever pitch, with reports that the Eagles are plotting to move on without their wide receiver, and teams such as the Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets reportedly showing interest

Never known to be a shrinking violet, Jackson nevertheless has not spoken out publicly about the possible trade.

His Instagram account, on the other hand, has been busy with a slew of new posts, showing the NFL star with the likes of the newly-traded Michael Vick (captioned "My big bro thru the thic & thin !! 7-10"):

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (captioned "High school days !! Recruiting heavy was Coach Carroll !! Came 2 Lb Recruit one of the best coming outta high school 2005 !!":

"Lil bro" Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers:

And Oakland Raider Marcel Reece (captioned "Pro bowlers me & da Homie Celreece45 West coastin !!"): 

A walk down memory lane or a thinly-veiled bid for the teams he’d like to join?