Is Chip Kelly expecting too much from Josh Huff?

Josh Huff did not have a great season as a wide receiver last year, so are Chip Kelly's expectations too high?
Christian Peterson/Getty Images

By Jovan Alford

Before NFL Free Agency kicked off, many Philadelphia Eagles fans thought that Jeremy Maclin would stick around for a few more years. Then the news finally broke that Maclin was going to be playing with Andy Reid and the Chiefs, leaving a big void to fill at wide receiver.

With Maclin gone, that makes it two stud wide receivers that the Eagles have lost in two offseasons…

What’s the plan now? Chip Kelly is going to play Josh Huff outside, while leaving Jordan Matthews in the slot according to’s Eliot Shorr-Parks. Now, the question you might be asking yourself is why is Kelly putting so much faith and trust into Huff, when we have not seen enough of him play?

That is a great question because we primarily saw Huff last season on kick returning duties. He did well there.

But when it came to playing wide receiver, he was often a disappointment. Against Arizona, Huff had three catches for 26 yards but had a fumble inside the red zone that could have given the Birds some points. In 2014, Huff only finished with eight receptions for 98 yards and zero touchdowns.

Again, why is Chip Kelly putting so much faith into him? It is because he has no other choice, the Riley Cooper experiment at the outside failed last season and Miles Austin is getting up there in age.

We can only hope that Huff can play the DeSean Jackson/Maclin role because those are big shoes to fill. Huff has a long way to go but I guess In Chip We Trust.

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