Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Behind Enemy Lines

The Indianapolis Colts host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thanksgiving Night so we spoke decided to get some inside information on this week’s foe.

The Colts and Steelers both sit at 5-5 in Week 12. With a short week to prepare, the Colts enter the game at a disadvantage as quarterback Andrew Luck is likely to sit after suffering a concussion. The Colts are currently second in the AFC South and desperately need a win to keep within striking distance of winning the division.

The Steelers are tied with the Ravens for first place in the AFC North, but sit in second place due to head-to-head record. They’re also a couple games out of a Wild Card spot, and can’t afford a slip up against an undermanned Indianapolis team.

We spoke with the editor of Still Curtain, Kim Myers, to get some inside information on this week’s opponent.

Here’s what she had to say about the Steelers:

What is the ceiling for the Steelers this season? They’re 5-5 but seem to be wildly inconsistent. At times they seem to be in the Super Bowl mix, but is that a realistic goal this year?

Thankfully the Steelers are in probably the crappiest division in the AFC. Given how things are going in the AFC West, it doesn’t look like a Wild Card spot is a thing for Pittsburgh so if they can win the division they might be able to win a playoff game or two. I have a hard time buying into this defense being able to win multiple games on the road in the playoffs, unfortunately.

The Steelers are never out of it as long as Ben Roethlisberger is healthy so it all depends on how the defense holds up. They looked good last week but it doesn’t take much to look good against the Browns. The Steelers defense’s true identity is somewhere in between the one that sacked the Browns eight times and scored a defensive touchdown and the one who let Ezekiel Elliott run all over them and score 35 points.

Over the past two meetings, the Steelers have scored approximately all of the points against the Colts. Is there any hope to slow them down? What can the Colts defense do to disrupt the Steelers offense?

When Ben Roethlisberger is on he is one of the best. For some reason the Colts have just brought that out of him the last two seasons. Both of those games were played at Heinz Field so that has a lot to do with it. He thrives there and when he’s on fire he makes the rest of the offense better. The Steelers offense struggles when Le’Veon Bell can’t run the ball or when Roethlisberger is sidelined.

3. As the season gets into crunch time, what do you want to see from the Steelers that will give you hope for the post season?

I’d like to go back to arguing over how many crotch pumps Antonio Brown is allowed to do in his end zone celebrations. Those were happier times. I would definitely like some consistency when it comes to the defense and they need to be able to beat the teams they are supposed to beat on the road.

With no Andrew Luck this is a game the Steelers are supposed to win. They’ll inspire some more confidence in fans if they can pull off another road victory.

4. With Andrew Luck likely out this week, is there any chance the Steelers will be looking ahead and forget to show up Thursday night?

It’s not likely that they’ll forget to show up. The players aren’t even buying the idea yet that Andrew Luck isn’t playing. Hopefully that keeps them from the old “playing down” and treat Scott Tolzien as if he were Andrew Luck and throw everything but the kitchen sink at him.

5. What is your prediction for Week 12. Who wins and why?

I would say the Steelers come away with the win on Thursday night. Mostly because I’m a total homer but also because you guys have some dude named Scott Tolzien at quarterback. I’ll say Steelers 33-10.

Hopefully it is a good game with no injuries! Have a happy holiday!

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