Indianapolis Colts: Rebuilding Under General Manager Chris Ballard

The rebuilding process is well underway for the Indianapolis Colts.

Nobody else will say it, but lets call it what it is, folks—this is a rebuild for the Indianapolis Colts.  Oh, its not so bad, the Cleveland Browns have been doing it for nearly two decades. There is one huge difference, however, when it comes to the Colts’ rebuild.

Franchise quarterbacks are an elusive bunch. Even more elusive is a solid team capable of maintaining the health of one “franchise quarterback.” It doesn’t matter who you have under center, if they don’t have time to throw the ball or are sitting in the hospital at halftime, it is going to be hard to win.

Keep in mind that a quarterback is only half of the term. Without the franchise, you only have a quarterback. Fortunately for Colts fans, new general manager Chris Ballard appears to understand this and it has been a busy offseason in Indianapolis. The first-time general manager must make amends for the wreckage left by an old regime. He must earn trust and continue to piece together a winning franchise. Lets face it, 8-8 might be considered winning in Cleveland, but not so much anywhere else in the league.

Many of those “winning” pieces remain. A great coach, great quarterback and talented playmakers are all crucial pieces that remain in place. A little help here, a little depth there and the playoffs are well within reach. Beyond that, well, let’s just get back to the playoffs first.

The entirety of the process doesn’t fall squarely on the GM. The new faces must show up and earn their roles. Injuries must heal and recovery can take time. The organization as a whole must pull together in order to succeed.

Many changes have already taken place via free agency. New additions include the following:

  • Jabaal Sheard – DE
  • Barkevious Mingo – LB
  • Brian Schwenke – OL
  • Kamar Aiken – WR
  • Sean Spence – LB
  • Al Woods – NT
  • Brandon Williams – TE
  • Margus Hunt – DE
  • John Simon – LB
  • Jeff Locke – P

With the draft just around the corner, the list of new names is not yet complete and more new faces are soon on the way. Many questions linger and many needs remain. The road to the top does not often accommodate setbacks. One hiccup can cost valuable time. Three years of hiccups and well…you know.

Some may refrain from calling it a rebuild, simply because the title is dreaded, I do not. It’s not a complete rebuild, but it’s a rebuild nonetheless. Let’s put it in true Indy terms: If you replace 20 percent of the parts on a car does that make it a repair, or a rebuild? Whatever the case, it’s going to take a lot of Luck to win the race.

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