Colts unveil garish all-white uniforms in April Fools’ prank

White numbers -- on white jerseys?! It was all too good -- or ridiculous -- to be true.

The Indianapolis Colts tried their hand at a pretty elaborate April Fools’ Day joke.

The Colts made a ripple in the NFL waters Wednesday when they released a new all-white uniform set. Like, seriously, all white. Everything on the uniform is white.

As everyone quickly pointed out, Wednesday is April Fools’ Day, meaning you’ve gotta be on your toes at all times and expect everything even bordering on hard-to-believe is a joke. So when a team releases uniforms as ridiculous as these, yeah, the antenna goes up.

Here’s a hastily made video also hyping the "new" kit.

They went all in, too, to sell the new unis. The Colts’ official website included a video and a full-site takeover promoting the new look.

Alas, it was indeed all a hoax. The Colts copped to it about five hours after the initial tweets hit the web.

Those white uniforms may have just been a prank, but maybe the Colts should consider giving them a go. They’d hardly be the worst in the league, right?


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