Colts ball boy pounces on intercepted ball, igniting conspiracy theorists

The Indianapolis Colts may have given fuel to the fire of Patriots fans, when a sideline ball boy jumped on an intercepted pass by Buffalo.
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An Indianapolis Colts ball boy gave conspiracy theorists — and, even more so, New England Patriots fans — something to talk about on Sunday when he scrambled to recover a football that had been intercepted by Buffalo Bills defensive back Aaron Williams.

After Williams intercepted a pass early in the first quarter, he stumbled out of bounds near the Colts sideline and put the ball down on the turf. It seemed like he changed his mind and wanted to take the ball home for a souvenir, but a Colts equipment manager quickly shut Williams down by scooping it up. The ball boy practically took it out of his hands.

Why? If you’re a Patriots fan who is desperate to prove that other teams do suspicious things too, you might argue that the Colts were trying to keep the Bills from bringing the ball to their sideline because they were hiding something. A more reasonable person would guess that since it was the first game ball the Colts used, it was probably the one Andrew Luck preferred over all the others and was broken in the best.

Regardless of your stance, most would agree that fans would be incredibly suspicious if a Patriots ball boy did something like that. When your equipment managers exchange text messages like these, you lose the benefit of the doubt.

If that was the Patriots, Ted Wells would probably be on Line 1.


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