How the Dallas Cowboys are becoming the new Patriots

Despite the Dallas Cowboys dominance in 2016, they were unable to get to the Super Bowl. But the experience gained by their young quarterback should help raise even higher next season.

Like most of Dallas Cowboys Nation, I’m confused why fans of the New England Patriots are so happy this week.

Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones will be going into the NFL’s Hall of Fame. Dallas rookie quarterback Dak Prescott won the Pepsi Rookie of the Year award. Rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott won the FedEx Air and Ground award. Head coach Jason Garrett won the Coach of the Year award. Finally, let’s not forget about our 11-game winning streak.

But those things don’t compare to a Lombardi Trophy…at all.

Say it with me“That should have been the Cowboys!”

Unfortunately, the Cowboys front office has failed to recognize the value and benefits of experience. Patriots’ head coach, Bill Belichick, has been cheating…I mean, coaching in the NFL since 1976 as an assistant special teams coach. He started in 1975 as a special assistant (of deflating footballs). By comparison, Garrett started in the league as a player in 1989 and became a quarterback coach in 2005.

Experience matters! Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is a 17-year veteran with 237 games under his belt. He’s thrown for 61,582 yards and 456 touchdowns. When you combine the experience of Brady with Belichick – it’s hard to surprise them with something new. Maybe the Atlanta Falcons defense could’ve started the overtime period with 11 defensive linemen on the field – that sounds like something from former Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan’s playbook!

With Brady, Belichick has another coach on the field. Garrett doesn’t get that with Prescott’s 16 games of experience. That just happens to be 140 games less than quarterback Tony Romo. You remember him – the multiple Pro Bowl-going, entire playbook knowing, 4,183 yards passing, 248 touchdown throwing, limousine riding, jet flying, wheelin’ and dealin’, spin move revealin’ son of a gun. Whooo!

Garrett has grown as a head coach. Cowboy Nation remembers those early, horrible battles with clock management. Recently, he had his job duties “simplified” and his offensive coordinator role was filled by then offensive line coach Bill Callahan. That led to the hiring of passing game coordinator, now offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. When the camera pans to Garrett now, he’s often seen just clapping his hands on the sidelines.

The good news is that Jason Garrett’s clapping earned him Coach of the Year and brought the Cowboys a winning streak! I don’t know if Garrett can clap better next year, but I believe Prescott will improve – even if he throws more interceptions next season.

The reason Dak Prescott should improve is – say it with me – “Experience”.

It should’ve been the Dallas Cowboys.




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