How Has The President’s Party Affected the Washington Redskins?

Donald Trump has become the president-elect. The Donald surprised much of America with a victory Tuesday night, but what does his victory mean for the Washington Redskins?

Political preferences aside, let’s take a moment to run the figures on which party the Washington Redskins perform the best under; from playoff appearances to Super Bowl victories.

In the Redskins 85 season history, they have a record of 582-568-28. They have a record of 23-19 in playoff appearances and are 3-5 in Super Bowl appearances.

I’ve calculated data from 1940 to 2016. Under a Democratic president the Redskins have a record of 131-309 with 8 ties, a winning percentage of 29.8. Under the leadership of a Republican president the Redskins have a record of 292-164, a winning percentage of 64.

The Washington Redskins performed at their best during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, where they had a combined record of 81 of 35, a winning percentage of 69. The Redskins won two of their three Super Bowls under President Reagan.

Their worst record comes under the Presidency of John F. Kennedy at 15-38-1, a winning percentage of just 28.3.

Under Presidents George W. Bush & Barrack Obama, the Redskins have a combined record of 105-144, it’s been a rough decade.

In terms of playoff appearances, the Redskins again did better under a Republican president. They have 15 appearances to the Democrats 8.

Another quite interesting number: under a Democratic president the Redskins have a total of 8 ties, while under the leadership of a Republican President, the Redskins have zero.

If the Redskins (4-3-1) make the final push this season while still President Obama, that would chalk that total to 9 playoff appearances. They’ll finish the 2016 season under Mr. Obama’s tutelage, so any success they have will in turn benefit the statistics of the Democrats.

So, from a statistical standpoint, a Republican/Trump victory Tuesday night is a favorable sign for the future success of the Washington Redskins. Maybe the Redskins can use Trumps popular slogan to their own benefit and ‘Make Washington Great Again.’

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