Houston Texans Morning Huddle–Rodgers’ Sympathy

Here are your daily Houston Texans stories to kick off your weekend:

Rodgers understands the scrutiny Osweiler faces by Sarah Barshop, ESPN

“Luckily for me, in 2008 I feel like there was a little bit more of a grace period than there is in 2016,” Rodgers said. “I mean, there’s definitely pressure on coaches and players at really all the levels now of football to win and win now and be productive.

“The beauty of our sport that often gets lost in that, you know, overreaction, hyper-alert information age that we live in, is that it’s a team sport. It takes all 11 on offense for a play to run successfully, and then obviously you need to stop people to win.”

Rodgers is not wrong here. In the last decade the level of patience has gone down and now many teams expect quick fixes. Rome was not built in a day, yet for some reason we expect NFL teams to be.

Texans are not panicking, says Mercilus by Marc Sessler, NFL.com

“Man, everybody is panicking,” edge rusher Whitney Mercilus said of the public reaction to the team’s recent play, per Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t understand why. We’re still at the top of our division. The thing is, we control our own destiny. We just have to play better ball as we move forward in December. Like I said, get that ticket to the big dance at the end.”

He does have a point here. The Texans are still in first place, let’s all relax for a moment.

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