Houston Texans: John Elway still bitter over losing Brock Osweiler

After being unable to convince new Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler to return to the Denver Broncos, their general manager John Elway still sounds bitter

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We all know how narratives work in the NFL. Once a decision is made on what a person is, nothing will ever change that. Thanks to such short sighted thinking, Denver Broncos general manager John Elway will never, ever be criticized. Ever.

Not even when he truly deserves it. Instead the big media outlets try and sugarcoat his bad moves and hype up the good ones. Want some proof?

Think back a few weeks ago to when Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went down with a broken bone in his back. The team opted not to trade for a guy to backup Dak Prescott and instead waited and signed Mark Sanchez, recently cut by Elway’s Broncos.

The coverage of this was so unfavorable. The reason, because the narrative is that every move the Cowboys make is bad. Even signing an experienced starter to backup their backup is bad.

Yet just a couple of months ago Elway made a move to get Sanchez as a potential starter. Remember in Dallas he is the third choice when their team is healthy. In Denver he looked to be the guy.

How did the media react? ESPN writer KC Joyner claimed that the Broncos could win a Super Bowl with Sanchez!

Having noted these caveats, in the event Sanchez does end up under center for the Broncos in the 2016 campaign, he would give Denver a good chance at becoming the first back-to-back Super Bowl champion since the 2005 New England Patriots.

Well now Texans fans can see how it feels thanks to Elway. The chosen one in Denver wanted Brock Osweiler back, bad. He wanted him back so badly he was willing to pay a contract close to what he got in Houston.

Instead, Osweiler bolted and Elway has done nothing but sound like a bitter ex since then. This weekend he was at it again pouring salt in the Texans open wound from their Thursday Night Football loss.

Elway joked that the best deals are the ones you don’t make, in reference to losing out on Osweiler.

“A lot of times those deals you don’t make are the best ones,” Broncos executive V.P. of football operations and G.M. John Elway told Dave Logan and Susie Wargin of KOA radio on Friday.

Well newsflash John, this was just one night. Osweiler is still learning his new team and they are sitting pretty at 2-1. Sure, Thursday was bad, but it was a short week and the team they were playing is pretty decent at home (that was sarcasm…they lost on the road to the New England Patriots who are amazing at home with streaks of 12, 18 and 20 games in their home venue).

One bad night doesn’t make a season, and Osweiler can still get better. Head coach Bill O’Brien got things turned around with Brian Hoyer at the helm. He can keep the Texans in the win columns with Osweiler.

Now this isn’t admonishing Osweiler from a bad night. He needs to improve and hopefully with O’Brien’s help he will, because listening to Elway gloat about a bad performance by Osweiler is pretty annoying. Thanks to the narrative of Elway being the man, not enough people will call him out for it, but instead they will jump on the bandwagon and rip on Houston as well.

What’s most frustrating about this narrative is had Brock stayed in Denver, the narrative would be they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl and Osweiler is the next Peyton Manning. Since he decided to leave, it’s becoming a punchline thanks to man who is upset that he couldn’t figure out how to close the deal.

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