Houston Texans: Does latest win mean sky isn’t falling?

Every time a team loses the fanbase reacts as if the sky is falling down on their team, so does that mean the latest Houston Texans win will have an opposite reaction?

Fan is short for fanatic. Never is that more evident than when a football team loses a game in an ugly fashion. Houston Texans fans know this all too well as their team has endured three very ugly losses throughout the first half of the season.

They were shutout by the New England Patriots on the road, thumped by the Minnesota Vikings and embarrassed by quarterback Brock Osweiler’s old team the Denver Broncos. All three of those losses had two things in common.

One, they were road games. Two, they were against dominant NFL teams which the worst one has a record of 6-2.

So can we get a little bit of perspective here? Houston lost to three teams that are beating just about everyone. Yes, they did it in ugly fashion, but so have a lot of the other teams who have faced those opponents.

The fact is Houston just won their fifth home game of the season. They are sitting all alone in first place with a record of 5-3, despite the narrative over the past week sounding like they were in danger of going 0-8.

This isn’t to say the team is without flaws, because there are plenty. Most of which start with their offensive line.

This unit is getting no push up front and running back Lamar Miller is having to work extra hard for every yard. They also have given Osweiler no time and he is developing a dump-off mentality because of it.

Issues like this can be cleaned up. Last season Houston fans would have killed for a 5-3 start. The team lost five of their first seven before cleaning some issues up during the bye week.

Now they enter the bye looking to have a similar turnaround for the second half. Luckily this time they aren’t coming from the bottom of the AFC South. They’re also fortunate to have squeaked out a close win against Detroit so the “sky is falling” mentality doesn’t cast a dark cloud over their entire week off.

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