Houston: Chiefs’ family atmosphere brought me back

The Chiefs and Justin Houston went right up against the deadline on Wednesday. 

When the dust settled, Houston ended up in the spot he always wanted to be.

“It’s more of a family here,” Houston told the team’s official website. “I sit back and talk to other guys from different teams and they talk about how it’s not a family there. But it is here. You don’t hear anything bad being said about each other in the locker room."

Houston will be with this family for a long time. And he’ll be paid like the pass-rusher Chiefs fans cheered for during last season’s 22-sack campaign.

Houston’s tenure on the team in jeopardy right up until the deadline. He never wavered, though, remembering a promise made to him by his family’s patriarch.

“When the season ended, coach Reid pulled me into the office saying, ‘It’s going to get done, just be patient,’” Houston recalled. “So that’s what I did.”

That patience was rewarded. Houston was the first of Wednesday’s three big extensions to put pen to paper.

(h/t Kansas City Chiefs)