Gronk makes fake trailer for ‘A Gronking to Remember’

Rob Gronkowski continues the "Summer of Gronk" with the release of a fake trailer for "A Gronking to Remember" with model Charlotte McKinney.
Funny or Die

By Steve DelVecchio

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is having another great offseason. We don’t know how his workout regimen has been going, but the summer of Super Bowl champion Gronk has been pure nonstop entertainment.

Gronk’s latest venture is a “Funny or Die” video that he filmed with stunning model Charlotte McKinney.

The skit spoofed “A Gronking to Remember,” which is an erotica novel that was written about Gronkowski last season.



“Would you do me the honors of letting me spike this onto your butt?” Gronk asks McKinney.

Was it cheesy? Yes, but it was supposed to be. Anything with Gronkowski spiking objects onto a buxom blonde’s you-know-what is bound to be as hilarious as that time Gronk read passages from the erotica novel at the Super Bowl.

I give it a hard A-.

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