Greg Jennings: Eddie Lacy’s downfall in Green Bay ‘was the ultimate sign of selfishness’

Eddie Lacy seemed primed to be a star for the Green Bay Packers after his rookie season, which ended with a Pro Bowl selection. Lacy rushed for 2,317 yards and accounted for 24 total touchdowns over the course of his first two years with the Packers, but injuries reduced his effectiveness in 2015, and Lacy appeared to be out of shape as the year progressed. One of the biggest storylines surrounding the Packers last summer was Lacy’s weight, but he played just five games in 2016 before undergoing ankle surgery.

News broke Tuesday that Lacy is leaving Green Bay in free agency. The former Alabama star has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks worth $5.5 million, with $3 million guaranteed.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Herd”, former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings reacted to Lacy’s move, and criticized Lacy for wasting his opportunity with the Packers.

“When you’re drafted and you’re a first-round draft pick, especially at an organization like Green Bay who typically drafts well… this was a young man who had the opportunity to do something special within this organization.

“And he wasted it away, because he was unwilling to commit to his personal training. His health. And to that team. It was the ultimate sign of selfishness. He was worried about off-the-field things, whatever that entailed in the offseason, and he didn’t dedicate what he needed to the game and to his personal training, and being prepared and ready to go for a season.

“They didn’t need him to be like typically every other three-down back. They had James Starks. They just needed you to be healthy, to run through the tackles…”

Colin Cowherd: “And not eat cheeseburgers all day.”

Greg Jennings:  “…and not eat cheeseburgers. Just reel it in, a little bit.”