Packers offer fans free hot chocolate to sell out playoff game at Lambeau Field

UPDATE: Mission accomplished.

In the NFL playoffs, even the slightest advantage can mean the difference between continuing your quest for a Super Bowl and heading home earlier than you wanted. So with the Packers set to host the Giants on Sunday (4:40 p.m. ET, FOX), the powers that be in Green Bay are doing everything they can to make sure Lambeau Field is a packed house — and that the fans are warmed up and ready to roar.

This weekend, that means handing out free hot chocolate while trying to move a handful of tickets still available for Sunday’s game.


The Packers and Delaware North will be offering free hot chocolate, limited to two per customer, during Sunday’s game to help fans battle the forecasted cold. The free hot chocolate will be available at each concession stand with hot chocolate on the menu, which is about 40 locations throughout the stadium.  

Limited tickets for Sunday’s game remain available and can be purchased through Ticketmaster online only. Ticket prices range from $118 to $145, depending on location.

And there are pretty good seats left, too. Most of the available tickets are up in the nosebleeds, where your saliva might literally freeze on Sunday, but you can find a couple of gems right behind the end zone and in the adjoining sections for about the same price as those upper-level seats.

Sunday’s weather forecast calls for mostly sunny skies (which is good news) with a high of 15 degrees and a low of 10 (which is not good news). The Packers offer some safety tips on how to handle the cold, including the following: “In addition, watch for warning signs of hypothermia, such as severe shivering, dizziness, drowsiness and confusion.” Unfortunately, those same symptoms would describe Packers fans if Green Bay were to come up short against the Giants, as well.

Anyway, if you’re headed to lovely Lambeau this weekend, make sure to bundle up, prepare for the worst … and grab your free hot chocolate on your way to your seats.