Eddie Lacy explains hardest part of being NFL RB in Reddit AMA

Eddie Lacy has had 814 carries during his three-year NFL career.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The talk surrounding Eddie Lacy this offseason has been about how he needs to lose some weight heading into training camp.


There was none of that talk during the Packers running back’s Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Friday, however.

The 25-year-old Louisiana native covered topics like who the hardest hitter in the league is, how much he squats and how he likes his eggs in the morning (scrambled with salt, FYI).

The Green Bay Packers running back also shed light on the challenges of playing one of the most brutal positions in all of sports.

"Knowing you’re gonna get hit," Lacy wrote. "That’s pretty much the hardest part. Just knowing you’re gonna get hit and how hard you’re gonna get hit and still playing."

Football’s a contact sport and a reality of the game that players must be prepared for. With defenders racing full speed and launching themselves at the opponent, it leaves the ball carrier with two decisions: Embrace contact or create it.

Lacy has dished out enough punishment of his own. The most challenging aspect, it seems, is getting knocked down and then making the decision to get up and do it again.