Bostick can’t stop replaying onside kick in his head: ‘I’m human’

The Packers will have a lot to lament after collapsing in the NFC championship game in Seattle on Sunday. Blowing a 19-7 lead with 5 minutes to play takes a lot of mistakes, and a lot of things to go wrong.

Fair or not, the play most remembered will be Brandon Bostick’s failed onside kick recovery after the Seahawks cut the lead to 19-14. The ball hit him in the face mask, and his assignment on the play, according to coach Mike McCarthy, was to block for Jordy Nelson to recover the kick cleanly.

"It’s been tough," Bostick said on Monday. "I keep replaying that play in my mind over and over."

With a day to think about it, Bostick said he erred on the play: "I guess I just reacted to it. … I went to go get the ball, which wasn’t my job, so that’s all I have to say about that.


"I’m human. I made a mistake."

A big one, that arguably cost the Packers a chance to play in their sixth Super Bowl — a game Bostick said he will not watch.

But he said that his teammates have supported him and have tried to lift his spirits.

"The whole world is on my back about this thing, but my teammates know it was just a mistake," he said. "I’ll get over it … I’ll be all right."