‘The Herd’: Aaron Rodgers hasn’t won enough in the postseason

But when it comes to cross-sports comparisons, he may need to beef up his playoff resume. Colin Cowherd on "The Herd" Thursday said that Rodgers’ resume is more LeBron James than Michael Jordan, despite this week’s comparison by Packers backup QB Scott Tolzien.

For his sake, Rodgers remained humble about Tolzien’s compliment. If any NFL player compared to Jordan, it’s Montana, he said.

"Aaron Rodgers hasn’t won as much in the postseason as we think he should win," Cowherd said. "Which (is) probably unfair . . . but if you think about this with Aaron Rodgers . . . if the NFL ruled that Dez Bryant play is a catch, Aaron Rodgers loses that game and it’s a four-year stretch with one playoff win . . ."

"Aaron Rodgers is an incredible talent, but he’s way more LeBron or Kevin Durant than Michael Jordan."

Rodgers, who has two MVP awards and won a Super Bowl in 2010, has 10 touchdowns and 0 interceptions through three games, just the second quarterback in NFL history (besides Peyton Manning) to accomplish that.