Are Packers to blame for Aaron Rodgers’ struggles?

Aaron Rodgers’ struggles have plenty of people perplexed.

Rodgers says "I’m just a little bit off", but the star QB has gone from MVP to MIA, and FS1’s Nick Wright is among the many asking "What happened to Aaron Rodgers?"

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings told Jason Whitlock that Rodgers "got more credit than he deserved" when they were winning, and now he has to take the blame for the struggles.

"Now he has to look at himself and say ‘You know what, I am going to drink that scotch, I’m going to watch myself and I’m going to perform better," Jennings said this week on "Speak For Yourself".

But Rodgers may be getting too much blame. Michael Lombardi says the Packers are not giving Rodgers enough ammo in an "outdated" playbook.

"Why do they keep the same playbook?" Lombardi said on "Speak For Yourself" on Tuesday. "Not because McCarthy can’t (change it), (but) because they rely so much on the draft. They refuse to sign players in free agency because they don’t want to lose a compensatory pick. … So when you have a young team, you have to keep the playbook down thin because you want those guys to get caught up. When you have a voluminous playbook, like they do in New England, the young players have to learn on the fly. Their heads are spinning around wondering ‘What’s going on here, I really didn’t realize it (would be like this).’

"That’s part of the problem in Green Bay. You gotta give and take a little bit. You want to blame Rodgers? I’ll tell you this: Put him on New England’s team and see if we’re having this conversation."