Grandma tries out to be cheerleader

Think you’ve discovered the fountain of youth? You better check with Susie Sanchez.

Name doesn’t ring a bell? She’s the 39-year-old cheerleader who made the Raiders cheer squad when she was 37. But Sanchez was far from done.

Sanchez, who is now a grandmother, was one of more than 400 women to try out for the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleading squad, according to the Dallas News.

"The year I was on that team, some of the girls were born the year I graduated," Sanchez said told the paper. “If you look at the numbers, it’s ‘What am I doing?’"

Though she gave it her best shot, Sanchez did not make the squad.

"This year I decided this was going to be it for me,” Sanchez said. “I was telling myself, I’m going to end it here."