Giants Jason Pierre-Paul had finger amputated

Jason Pierre-Paul has reportedly undergone hand surgery due to a fireworks accident.
Michael Thomas/Getty Images

By Larry Brown

There has been a lot of mixed information regarding the extent of Jason Pierre-Paul’s injuries stemming from his fireworks accident, and now we know one thing for certain: the man had an amputation.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter posted a photo of a medical chart for the defensive lineman that shows he had his right index finger amputated and reported, “Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul finger amputated today. Medical source expects him to play this season, 'sooner than people think.'”

Putting aside that someone broke HIPPA laws in a major way by leaking the medical charts to Schefter, this could explain why JPP refused to allow the Giants to meet with him when they came to South Florida.

The Giants want more information about his condition before they decide how they will proceed in contract negotiations, while the DE’s side is still saying, “Show me the money.”

The Giants would have good reason to be hesitant, especially with Pierre-Paul potentially facing criminal charges.

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