Giants fan trolls Patriots fan husband with wedding cake

A Giants fan trolled her Patriots fan husband with an epic wedding cake topper.
Meagan Dailor Photography on Instagram

By Matt Birch

Watching football and pulling off pranks are hobbies that males tend to enjoy, but women can be quite clever trolling their significant others when they want to be.

Look at New York Giants fan Liz Gigliotti, for example, who took her troll game to the next level on her wedding day.

As a bride, it’s important to make sure the groom feels included in the wedding. Knowing that he’s a Patriots fan, Gigliotti did just that and also had some fun at his expense.

Check out the wedding cake Gigliotti used for her special day, which shows Tom Brady in a wedding dress and heels standing on top of a deflated football.

Liz and her now-husband, Dave, seemed to enjoy eating the cake.

The Patriots don’t play until Sunday night, so maybe the two will watch the team take on the Colts after the festivities are over.

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